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Google Street View “see inside” Features and Benefits #2 - Nightclubs

Google Trusted Photographer Manchester

This post follows on from our recent post entitled “Google Street View “see inside” Features and Benefits #1 - Bars and Restaurants” which highlighted how hiring a virtual tour company in Manchester such as ours can help to boost your Google Maps local listing by using a virtual tour produced by our Goggle Trusted Photographer.

Google Trusted Photographer “see inside” Features and Benefits #1 - Bars and Restaurants

We know the virtual tour industry

A lot of you may be thinking: “Why do I as a business owner need a 360 degree Google Street View virtual tour?”. Well the answer may be different depending on what kind of business you actually own / run so here we’re going to hi-light the reasons for various market sectors so you can find where you are and the answers you need in a series of blog posts of which this is he first in the series.

Fun Office Game! Google Cardboard Office Navigation

Navigate the office using a VR Headset!

So recently we produced a Google Street View Virtual Tour of the CTI Digital office based in the trendy Northern Quarter of Manchester. Now if your head has been under a rock for the past 12 months you may not know about the new virtual reality craze which is Google Cardboard.

Celebr8D8 - Producing The Celebrate Drupal 8 Launch Video

Producing the Celebrate Drupal 8 Video

We've recently had the utmost pleasure of working on a secret video project….

The video was produced for the Celebrate Drupal 8 campaign led by Paul Johnson and Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire to promote the long anticipated release of Drupal 8.

HDR Photography in Manchester - UMIST

The Vimto

This HDR photography in Manchester set was taken around the grounds of UMIST (The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology), formally known as "The Tech".

Draw in users and establish in your business with a Street View Virtual Tour

  • Build guest maintenance (measurements have demonstrated that sites with virtual visits are seen 5-10 times longer than those without). 
  • Increment online income altogether, as per a late study by the Carlson Hotel Group up to 135%. 
  • Permit your business to emerge from the rest. 75% of reviewed customers went to 3-4 lodging sites before making their booking. 
  • Create 46% more deals (bookings) than still pictures alone.


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