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A Responsive Mobile First Drupal 7 Website Integrating with Broadbean

The New Look Air Energi Website

A Responsive Mobile First Drupal 7 Website Integrating with Broadbean

Air Energi needed their Drupal 6 website updating to a more modern Drupal 7 CMS and also as a part of the website development re-build required their website to be responsive and be accessible on any number of devices from mobile phones, tablets and desktop browsers including backwards compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+

This posed quite a challenge as their Drupal 6 website already was already well established with a substantial amount of content, but more importantly featured a fully fledged job application board which integrated with the third party job distribution system known as Broadbean.

Integrating with Broadbean

Their integration with Broadbean was already accomplished using a custom module to handle the process of accepting new jobs available and needed this functionality to be replicated on the new website.

The solution to this problem was also complicated by the fact that the website had to be re-built from the ground up as some of the existing Drupal 6 functionality was no longer available, or had been replaced by superior technologies in Drupal 7.

We achieved these goals by firstly developing the new responsive theme for the website utilising the Drupal 7 Omega4 theme as a base theme to handle the responsive requirement. Then to handle the existing content we created feeds on the existing website which could allow the new Drupal 7 website to import the content using the feeds and feeds xpath parser modules. This method was used to import mainly the news article content and the already existing vast database of jobs which Air Energi were advertising and the associated user base of job applicants which they had accumulated.

To facilitate the main B2B and B2C website content authoring we implemented some new features available to Drupal 7 which allowed the Air Energi content team to quickly add refreshed content which was also part of the reason for the website rebuild. Breaking the content down into smaller “fieldable” chunks enabled the team to add rich content such as embedded video and photo galleries without having to know any html and reduced the amount of rich content entered using the wysiwyg editor.

Drupal Domain Access Installation

Another requirement was to separate the B2B and the B2C websites by having them on separate domains. The main B2B website advertising their services to major players in the oil and gas industry was to be on the main domain name and the B2C website consisting of content related to how they can help potential job candidates and the main job application board was to be on a new subdomain of This was achieved using the ability for Drupal 7 websites to exist on multiple domains using the domain access module, with them sharing the same content, database and codebase meaning that a single website build could suffice and be more easily maintained moving forward.

Drupal Search API Using Apache Solr Search Engine for Ligntning Fast Job Searches

Finally the website required the already existing Broadbean integration to operate which required the Broadbean integration module to be re-written using Drupal 7’s new APIs allowing Broadbean to continue to supply the website with new job applications.

A new search engine was also developed with “faceted search” allowing perspective applicants to drill down their searches within a few clicks to particular regions, industries and salaries and also allowed users browsing potential jobs to see an intelligent list of related jobs in the sidebar.

All in all the website saw a great number of benefits form being re-developed in Drupal 7 including:

  • An enhanced job search engine
  • A responsive, mobile and tablet friendly html5 website front end
  • An enhanced content creation and editing interface
  • Responsive video and slideshow content
  • The ability to upload PDF brochures with thumbnails being automatically created without the use for photoshop or other image editing software

We feel lucky that the original website was originally developed using the Drupal website content management framework as this allowed the migration process to be streamlined and painless.

If you require your existing Drupal 6 website to be updated to be mobile friendly with an enhanced editing experience or simply require q complete website design rebrand then please contact us.

You can visit the Air Energi website by clicking on the following URL:

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  • The advice and support I received from Graham regarding my website re-design was second to none. I am incredibly happy with the genuine personal service I received and the website design is exactly what I wanted. I could not recommend Vaccine Media highly enough.

  • Graham is amazingly passionate about his work, his attention to detail and commitment to a project is both professional and personal.

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