The Bacillus

  • For one of Manchester's finest alternative rock bands using views data export and feeds xpath parser

    A Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 upgrade Made Easy

    For one of Manchester's finest alternative rock bands using views data export and feeds xpath parser

The Bacillus are an alternative rock group founded in Manchester who required a website to advertise their music and their upcoming shows.

They already had a Drupal 6 website which had been designed and developed by ourselves and was in need of a refresh to allow the artists to more easily edit the website and also to make the website mobile-friendly / responsive.

They currently had excerpts from their debut album available using the Drupal 6 audio module which wasn’t as feature rich as they would have liked and also wasn’t the most secure. Looking to expand on their social media platforms published to we decided it was a good idea to utilise the popular Soundcloud music publishing platform to securely publish the music and use their API to embed mobile-friendly / responsive music players on the website as one of the upgrade options.

This website development project required a complete rewrite of their current CMS in the later version 7 version of Drupal due to the front and backend requirements. This was achieved by installing the “views data export” module on the Drupal 6 website and the “feeds path parser” module on the new website to facilitate importing the current content into the new Drupal 7 website.

The theme of choice was the Omega 3 base theme on which a sub-theme was created using the same design as the original website to minimise of any rebranding which was already strong and recognisable be fans of the band.

The entity reference module was used to re-associate the lyrics content with the song content which also used the Soundcloud API to display responsive sample music for each of the tracks and the flexslider mosul was utilised to make the slideshow on the homepage mobile friendly.

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  • The advice and support I received from Graham regarding my website re-design was second to none. I am incredibly happy with the genuine personal service I received and the website design is exactly what I wanted. I could not recommend Vaccine Media highly enough.

  • Graham is amazingly passionate about his work, his attention to detail and commitment to a project is both professional and personal.

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