Christopher Hobson - Ballet Piano

Christopher Hobson is a dedicated skilled pianist who creates musical scores for the use in the world of ballet. His original website was developed by us to advertise his CDs which he has available for purchase on the iTunes store.

After three successful years he approached us to have his website refreshed to be more modern and fresh and to appeal to a wider audience and enhance his already expanding social media presence. Part of this required the website to e responsive for mobile and tablet devices.

We used the Drupal 7 Omega 4 theme as a bast theme to ensure that the front end of the website rebuild was mobile first and could be displayed perfectly on numerous devices whilst maintaining compatibility with older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. For this we utilised a philosophy known as “progressive enhancement” meaning that users of older browsers would still see a clean modern website whereas users of more up to date browsers including mobile devices would have an enhanced experience when browsing the website.

The musical excerpts on the original Drupal 6 website utilised the Audio Module which we felt were not taking advantage of social media platforms so we decided to replace this with hosting the tracks on the popular music sharing platform known as Soundcloud which allowed us to embed the clips using a responsive html5 player meaning that the player would look great on all devices and also brought music playing capabilities to mobile devices and would adapt to the responsive front end seamlessly whilst also allowing Chris to take advantage of adding another social media outlet to his belt.

We also added a blog to the website so that he could keep his fans in touch with his latest additions to his library and social media sharing to his blog posts so that they could share the news with their friends on their social media accounts.

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  • The advice and support I received from Graham regarding my website re-design was second to none. I am incredibly happy with the genuine personal service I received and the website design is exactly what I wanted. I could not recommend Vaccine Media highly enough.

  • Graham is amazingly passionate about his work, his attention to detail and commitment to a project is both professional and personal.

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