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Nicole Graham approached us with a specific requirement of replacing her already existing online e-commerce platform hosted with Amazon with a website which advertised the custom bibs and baby suits which she was having manufactured for sale and showing off the re-brand which she was undergoing by us.

She had a whole new line of baby clothing which she wanted to show off to the world and have for sale in two different regions: The US and Europe. This required two websites to e developed for this purpose: for the US audience and for the UK and EU audiences.

She didn’t have much in the way of a serious web presence so both websites were developed as part of a complete re-branding procedure which she employed us to undertake including logo design, stationery design, packaging design and of course the new website design which would be analogous for the two websites.

After the re-branding process had been completed we commenced the Drupal 7 website development using the popular Commerce Kickstart platform to enable us to deliver a fully functioning website platform on a small budget.

One hurdle to be overcome was the fact that we required two websites to share the same front end theme which was built upon the base theme which Commerce Kickstart comes with. In order to achieve this we used Drupal 7’s ability to use the same codebase to host multiple websites on different domain names using the same codebase including the theme. So what we ended up delivering was what is known as a Drupal multi-site installation where both sites sit on different domain names, with their own databases but share the same code and designs. This meant that any changes to the design would be shared by both sites automatically and that if there were any updates to the functionality or to the code in general that there was technically only one website being maintained.

She needed a payment systems but because she was on a budget we employed Drupal Commerce Kickstart’s Paypal functionality to allow her to take secure online payments without shelling out for an account with a major payment provider such as SagePay / Worldpay etc..

A final requirement was the addition of a PDF invoice generation system which she could utilise to create invoice and packaging slips using nothing but the website to handle packaging slips to attach to the shipments to be sent out and invoices for her own records.

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  • The advice and support I received from Graham regarding my website re-design was second to none. I am incredibly happy with the genuine personal service I received and the website design is exactly what I wanted. I could not recommend Vaccine Media highly enough.

  • Graham is amazingly passionate about his work, his attention to detail and commitment to a project is both professional and personal.

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