City Airport and Heliport Manchester Virtual Tour - Barton

If ever you've wanted to know what it's like to have a look around a small airport in the UK then this virtual tour of City Airport and Heliport in Barton near Manchester is for you. We were granted access to all areas of the airport including the apron, fueling station, hangers (yeah, even the one that has the big sigh that says "restricted area keep out"), the viewing areas, aeroplane parking, clubhouse and..... even the control tower!

This high resolution virtual tour begs to be viewed full screen with the level of detail being simply amazing having been produced using the new gigapixel virtual tour system.

How to view the virtual tour

Simply click and drag within the moving image to look around. There's a Google map to the left with red hotspots to navigate from location to location and there's also red hot spots in the virtual tour itself to "walk" from place to place. To cap it off you can also navigate by clicking on the thumbnails to the right.

Have fun checking out all ofthe restricted areas of City Airport and Heliport Manchester and if you like what you see simply give us a call on 0845 1547887 or send us a message

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