St.Anns Dental Manchester

St.Anns Dental practice in Manchester (now know as part of the Smile Group) had such an amazing interior that they couldn't help but want to show it off using a 360 degree virtual tour. This example is of one utilising the "one shot" 360 degree panoramic lens. Each location in the virtual tour was takin using a single photograph which was "unwarped" to produce the final virtual tours you see above.

This virtual tour was one which was created after investment in a camera with a much better resolution, hence it is much clearer than the earlier virtual tours procuced using the "one shot" panoramic lens such as the Bolton Wanderers virtual tour. However, since it still utilises the "one shot" panoramic lens it is subject to the same limitations in the vertical field of view which is 100 deggrees (50 degrees either side of the horizontal).

How to navigate

Simply drag inside the moving image above to move your point of view and click on a hotspot, or use the thumbnails on the left to move to another location.

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