The Tube Business Centre

The Tube was one of the finest examples of dynamic office space I've ever encountered with an extremely original design and concept and was definitly one of the most enjoyable office virtual tours captured. The interior really lends itself to being shown off in this mannor and I was really pleased with how the final 360 degree virtual tour panned out (pardon the pun).

The office space features a spectacular reception area with offices in the fron comprised within the tube like structure. Further into the main building are open plan office environments, kitchen and chill out area and large conference desk spaces. The upper half was designed for call centre work ideal for a customer services clientelle.

How to navigate the virtual tour

Simply click and drag the view area to change your point of view and click on the hotspots to move from location to location. Not all locations connect with each other so you also have to use the selection of thumbnails at the bottom to get to different areas of the virtual tour.

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