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Here's a good example of what was achieved many years ago suing what was then a revolutionary "one shot panoramic lens". It wasn't really a lens, rather a sophisticated inverted reflector/ mirror whos curvature enabled the camera to take a single panoramic photograph capturing the entire 360 degrees surrounding it with a vertical field of view of 100 degrees (50 degrees up and down of the horizontal).

The one shot panoramic lens was ideally suited to locations which required a full panoramic virtual tour to be taken in one shot, such as crouded scenes where taking multiple photographs would have had a discrepency in the overlap between them of moving objects such as people and / or cars.

However, the downside to using this method of taking virtual tour photographs was in the final resolution of the virtual tours. You will notice that there is not "full screen" option to these virtual tours as the full scene was taken from a subset of a single photograph. Basically the more photos you can take, the better the virtual tour resolution, however the more photographs you take increases the chances of "ghosts" appearing in the end result.

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