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Nothing has become so important recently than the advent of property virtual tours. Imagine that you have a heavy work schedule and you are looking to buy a new property but you simply do not have the time to visit every property which you would like to. This is where property virtual tours help both estate agents and you to decide which potential homes to visit.

Form a home buyers perspective you can visit the homes to buy virtually from your home or workplace you can easily build up a shortlist of places to visit saving you time and wasting less of the estate agents time too.

As an estate agent, you are making sure that only interested parties are being shown properties for sale which increases your number of real potential sales rather than wasting your time showing people around who have not been able to visit the property first using a 360 virtual tour.

Statistics have shown that prospective buyers who have seen the property virtual tour are more likely to buy than those who have simply seen a series of still photographs.

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