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This example of a property virtual tour is one of many using the new equipment which allows us to produce extremely high resolution virtual tours. The total resolution of this particular home virtual tour is over 650 megapixels. The quality and level of detail for such a small environment is simply astonishing. We're really pleased with the result! Over 70 individual photographs were taken in order to produce the virtual tour you see here.

We believe that being at the forefront of technology allows us to stay on top of our game without passing on any extra costs to the consumer. We do not have individual levels of quality to our work. Each project we take on we aspire to be the best example of what we can achieve. The result is an increase in quality with no extra cost to the consumer.

Utilising a zoom lens, we can take hundreds of shots producing "giga pixel virtual tours" where the level of detail is unprecedented without the heavy download requirement to the average website user as the property virtual tour player dynamically streams only the level of detail, and therefore data required for which the end user has requested.

How to browse

Simply drag your mouse around the moving property virtual tour to move your viewpoint around. To move between rooms you can either click on the hotspots on the doors or simply bring up the thumbnail selector in the lower left hand corner.

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  • Graham is amazingly passionate about his work, his attention to detail and commitment to a project is both professional and personal.

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